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Susan Chin is a New Jersey based artist who is interested in color interactions, especially in studying the science of color perception. Color appears different under different types of light, it changes with different media, and it affects the mood of a piece through boldness or subtlety. In her work, she blends realism with expression and interpretation. This allows her to explore what she finds interesting about the shapes or colors of the original source material without making direct replicas.

Susan received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She works mostly in water-soluble oil paint but likes to experiment with many different media. Her largest stained glass commission can be seen in Drew University's Seminary Hall.


Current listings for classes in painting, drawing, and pottery can be found through The Adult School of the Chathams Madison and Florham ParkThe Morris Community School, and  Mud Clay Studio If you are interested in a commissioned work, please email


About the Artist

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